Blog1– the vast size of the universe

Universe Size Comparison Youtube

I am very excited to share this size comparison video of the universe, which I accidentally discovered last year. I watched this video for many times afterwards, and I could not stop myself gasping with astonishment at the vast size and the scale of the celestial bodies in the universe and the universe itself. This video also makes me reflect on the position of humanity in this world. I consider this video very intuitive and helpful because it contains all kinds of celestial objects including comets, planets, stars, black holes, galaxies and Galaxy clusters. These objects are put into sequence based on their physical size, from the size of a small comet to the size of the largest black hole which is beyond our imaginations. Most importantly, the comparative size of different parts of our solar system, is frequently put back to the sequence to compare with the objects we never heard before.

3 thoughts on “Blog1– the vast size of the universe

  1. I think that this post and video are really interesting. It’s so strange to see how small we (and Earth) are in comparison to other planets and stars in the universe. Moreover, the way the video continues for so long and shows so many stars and planets really reminds me that there’s so much potential for life and other living beings as the universe so so much bigger than we can even comprehend.

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