Blog 3 Falling into Jupiter

What Would You See If You Fell Into Jupiter

Once I got to know about the names of gaseous giants in the outer part of our solar system, I became extremely curious about what the world would look like under their thick atmosphere. The video I shared in this blog provides a perfect fulfillment to my desire of knowing the biggest planet in our solar system: Jupiter. This video vividly simulates the visual feedback during which a person penetrates the atmosphere of Jupiter. As we can discover, the inner Jupiter contains a devastating environment from the perspective of human beings. However, I have to admit that the inner world of Jupiter is not as fascinating as I expected. Although Jupiter is more than 1300 times larger than Earth, the internal environment is relatively simple. In this vast sphere, we cannot see diverse components. Most we can experience if we fell into Jupiter is just endless clouds, winds, increasing pressure and temperatures. Overall, the world of Jupiter reminds me how special the environment of Earth is in the universe.

2 thoughts on “Blog 3 Falling into Jupiter

  1. I’m with you on this one. It is definitely not as exciting as I would’ve hoped, especially compared to how beautiful its atmosphere looks. I guess falling into Jupiter would be like free-falling for a very very very long time.


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